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The 5 Love Languages: Touch

The love language of touch. Those who speak this language feel safe and cherished when appropriately touched. This love language can be tricky because timing is important. Just because a person speaks this language does not mean they want your hands all over them 24/7. But it does mean they need to feel you to feel loved. Even the most subtle gesture can have a meaningful impact if delivered at the right moment. A kiss on the forehead, a light caress on the arm, or gently stroking their back can come across as kind and loving. It communicates they matter to you and that you “see” them.

Touch is a universal need. We all possess it. But the person whose love language is touch desires the connection more than most. Massages and an occasional foot rub, sitting close to others, public displays of affection like hand holding can cause them to feel connected and desired. If you speak this language, take responsibility by communicating to your significant other what it means for them to hug you or stroke your hair. For people who do not speak this language, they do not understand the importance of these simple gestures. Use your words and help them understand.

Physical touch is an incredibly personal experience, and for those who desire to speak through this language these simple connections are life giving. “Whatever there is of me resides in my body,” explains author Gary Chapman. “To touch my body is to touch me.”

Patti Hatton, MA, LPC

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