Our Righteousness Is Not Something We Manufacture

Our righteousness is not something we manufacture. It is something that is “put" inside us (it is imputed by the Holy Spirit) when we believe, and it is something that must be “released” outward and onward. It is the Holy Spirit who works in and through us to do this. He convicts us, teaches us, grows us. Our job is to be sensitive to His guidance and continue to align our lives with God’s expectations and will. Righteousness is walking out what is already in us. Unrighteousness is walking out what is of the flesh, and not the Spirit. When we choose to sin (which is often easier than choosing not to) we are quenching the work of the Spirit in us. Continued “unright” living breeds an environment for enemy infiltration. We must “intentionally” protect our mind, will, emotions, conscience (our soul—where our heart lies) from what is not “right” with the breastplate of what is. We are “putting on” the “new self”—the self that is aligned with the Light of the World. It should start to feel very comfortable on us. Imputed righteousness is a once in a lifetime action happening at our profession of faith and belief in Jesus Christ as the Son of God. Practical righteousness is a moment-by-moment, day-by-day choice and action. It is our living out what’s in us. God’s Holy Spirit takes the responsibility to renew us and work His righteousness through us. Whew, that is so good! He is renewing our minds, realigning our passions and attitudes, and giving us strength to live in a way that is pleasing to Him and a blessing to others. Sally Abbott

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