Marriage Out Of Alignment?

DAVID NOTES: The kinds of problems that bring couples to crisis aren’t always clear in the beginning. Think of an automobile that is out of alignment, having hit a pothole or a speed bump too fast. At first, it may just steer slightly to the right, but over time the right tires will begin to bald, and then unforeseen problems arise. When our marriages are out of alignment, they don’t perform well. Just like an automobile, marriages need consistent tuning, maintenance and care—sometimes you even need to consult with an expert to correct a problem! But it isn’t only the misaligned tires or the belts worn from every day use that benefit from our time and attention; the entire vehicle might be capable of performing in ways we never imagined. Imagine yourself behind the wheel of an exotic sports car. Would you know how to get peak performance and driving pleasure from the car without taking the time to learn and appreciate the performance “sweet spots?” Most likely, it would require training, expertise, and study of the design and operations manual—along with practice—to unleash the performance potential of the machine. Consider this little book an owner’s manual to the awesome potential within your marriage relationship.

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