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Launching Your Adult Child

After watching this 2-1/2 minute movie preview of Meet the Fockers, determine which parent does the best job of modeling the ‘launching process’ of their adult child.

Is it Robert de Niro, who warns against getting a chink in the chain?

Or is it Dustin Hoffman, who clearly has a separate identity and charming life of his own? (We can talk about his lack of boundaries another time.)

Robert de Niro plays the role of a father who expects his adult children to naturally conform to his values and ideals, despite the reality that God has granted freedom for adults to make their own choices and decisions, and to experience the corresponding consequences.

An adult is one who is willing and able to accept complete responsibility for self.

Dr. James Dobson states two reasons parents are reluctant to step out of the parental authority role:

1. they fear their children aren’t ready to stand on their own, so they want to protect them from harm and failure,


2. they hate to see childhood come to an end.

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