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Couples Counseling with Patti Hatton

Learn the skills to reinvigorate your marriage - and unleash your potential. 


Grow your



Learn Skills to Resolve Conflict

Develop a plan for your relationship

How Online Counseling with Patti Works

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Answer a few questions about your preferences. 

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Find a time that works for you and your spouse.

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What Couples are saying

“I’ve heard from several of our ladies who received so much from what you shared. They were moved by how real and sincere you are. Your transparency immediately put them at ease, making them feel they were safe with you, and could receive the message God had for them.”

Tina Roeder,

Women’s Ministry Leader, Cy-Fair Christian Church


You love your partner, and want what is best for your marriage. 

But there’s a problem... According to psychological researcher and clinician John Gottman, most couples divorce, not because they fall out of love, but because they never learn the skills needed to resolve conflict.  Highway to the Heart has everything you need to not only learn those skills but take the time to practice them with a personal coach and your spouse so you can unleash the potential of your marriage relationship for years to come.

Rediscover your authentic self, communicate your needs and desires, and create goals and expectations as a couple

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Meet Patti Hatton

Patti graduated from Houston Baptist University in 2008 with a MA in Christian Counseling. Her practicum and three-year internship was completed at Second Baptist Church. Highway to the Heart was written by Patti and her husband David to speak to the needs of both husbands and wives, in a fair and balanced manner. While her methods are inspired by scripture, you may choose a faith-based or non-faith based approach. The principles outlined in Highway to the Heart work in a Christian or non-Christian context. 

American Association of Christian Counselors

Birkman Method Consultant

Emotionally Focused Therapy, Les Greenberg

Marriage Intensive Leadership Training, The Satisfied Marriage Program, by Michael and Amy Smalley

Prepare/Enrich Counselor Certification, Life Innovations, Inc. for engaged and married couple assessments

Texas State Board of Examiners of Professional Counselors as a Licensed Professional Counselor, M.A. License Number 64132


What’s so special about Highway to the Heart?

It’s all about the coaching.

If you were invited to play in a semi-professional soccer match, yet you did not know the rules of the game, how would you respond? Likely, you would decline, rather than try to participate without an understanding of the game, or having developed the skills to play. However, with regard to marriage, most of us begin without the necessary skills for effective communication and conflict resolution. We typically do not already know how to connect with a spouse on a heart level. Through years of working with couples I have found that there is tremendous value in learning together, and in completing couple exercises that practice your newly learned skills.

You will have fun and will learn from the material, and from one another. Highway to the Heart was written by Patti and her husband David Hatton to speak to the needs of both husbands and wives, in a fair and balanced manner. 

What’s my Investment?

Individual Session


4 Sessions



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